Simplify your attendance management

Easy to Punch

Punch allows to quickly and easily check-in and out in your workplace, using our mobile app and website, attendance management cant never be this easy.

  • Multiple platform
  • Anytime, Anywhere
Attend Late Leave Early Attend Ok Absent Holiday

Data visualization

Punch In, check anywhere, update easily. With Punch, you will no longer browsing through a long datasheet and wonder what that number is - Everything is visualize.

  • Monthly view
  • Data visualization
  • Easy to understand status

Sending requests

Coming late to office but with a reasonable excuse - with just one click, your request will be send direct to your manager. No more waiting, no more wasting time filling up boring form.

  • Changing time request
  • Annual leave request

Group management

With this feature, managing attendance status a of a big team is like walking in a park, by putting dividing people in groups, managing is significantly simpler.

  • In-group management
  • Group attendance status

Comprehensive report

Punch allows you to create an attendance report in just one minute, which can be then re-used for other purposes, such as payroll, performance evaluation.

  • Export CSV
  • Group reports

Flexible settings

With Punch is built with flexibility in mind, no matter how your team company operate, from business day to holiday - we have an setting for that.

  • Flexible workday
  • Import holiday from countries
  • IP base attendance

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